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Copper tubes

Tube Tech manufactures all types, sizes, shapes and tempers of copper tubes in full accordance with the appropriate product standards. Customers specify our products when quality and performance count.

Copper Tubes
Phosphorus deoxidized copper (DLP)
ASTM B -75
BS 2871
JIS H 3300
DIN 1787
C 12000
C 106
C 1201
Phosphorus deoxidized copper (DHP)
BS 2871
JIS H 3300
DIN 1785
C -12200
C 106
C 1220
C 1220
Tough Pitch Copper (ETP)
BS 2871
JIS H 3300
DIN 1787
C 11000
C 101
C 1100
ECU 58

Dimensional Range

Outer Diameter - 4.00 mm to 54.00 mm.
Wall Thickness - 0.30 mm and above.
Available in length up to 6 meters.

Produced in a variety of tempers (viz. hard, half hard, quarter hard and soft annealed) depending upon the specific requirement. Standards other than those mentioned above are also available on request.

End Uses:

Air conditioning and Refrigeration, Heat exchangers, Condensers, Evaporators, Plumbing & Sanitation, Medical & Gas applications, Solar applications, Oil burner tubing, Steam, Water, Air and Hydraulic lines, Automobiles, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Thermal power plant, Petrochemical & Oil refinery, Brewery tubes, Gas lines, Vapour lines, Locomotives etc.

» Copper Tubes for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

We provide copper tubes with a complete range of outer diameter and wall thickness combinations, engineered to exact specifications to meet the highest standards of performance as required by the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. These copper tubes are available in a variety of tempers to suit the intended applications. These copper tubes can be supplied either in straight length or pancake coil as per the requirement. As demand for operating efficiencies increase, Tube Tech is your reliable source for precision and quality flow products to meet your objectives. Our products meet the highest industry standards and provide superior cleanliness for the contaminant-free transportation of refrigerants, oxygen and other gases.

» Copper Tubes for Heat Exchangers

A tube manufactured to special requirements as to dimensional tolerances, finish and tempers for use in condensers and heat exchangers. These copper Heat Exchanger tubes are generally supplied in straight length in even annealed half hard temper. The copper tubes produced by Tube Tech not only have the tightest tolerances but also have the most consistent dimensions throughout the tube length. The tube surface is clean both inside and outside with no corrosive stains. The copper tubes produced by Tube Tech are compatible to transfer heat in a wide variety of operating conditions and to resist corrosion for the longest period of time possible under the harshest operating conditions.

» Copper Tubes for General Engineering Purposes

Copper tube is used in general engineering purposes mainly because of its thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, malleability, strength and corrosion resistance. Tube Tech produces a vast range of copper tubes to satisfy all customer requirements in term of diameter, thickness, tolerance and tempers complying with all the most important national and international standards. Our range of copper tubes possesses roundness, straightness, uniformity of the wall thickness, smooth inner and outer surface to make it the ideal choice for general engineering applications.

» Copper Tubes for Medical & Gas Applications

Tube Tech produces specially cleaned and degreased copper tube suitable for use in medical and industrial gas applications. These tubes are produced in accordance with ASTM B 819 and are rigorously tested to make sure they are suitable for the exacting requirements of critical medical and gas application industry. These copper tubes generally supplied in as drawn temper and are fitted with plastic caps after cleaning to maintain the allowable residue limit of 0.0035 g/sq. ft of interior tube surface area. Special care and handling is given to these tubes to prevent contamination of the system.

» Copper Tubes for Plumbing

Tube Tech prides itself on being the dependable supplier of superior flow products for the residential and commercial installations. We manufacture copper tubes for residential and commercial plumbing in full accordance with appropriate product standards including BS 2871 Part I, ASTM B 88 and stringent European Standards BS EN 1057:1996. We provide a complete range of sizes and types, engineered to exact specifications to meet the highest standards of performance. The copper tubes manufactured by Tube Tech can sustain a temperature up to 660C with a long lasting service life, better flow characteristics, rust and scale free inside and virtually without any leakage coupled with easy bend ability, handling and installation.

Copper Tubes are specified in the BS 2871 / EN 1057 in three wall thicknesses designated under Table X, Y & Z.

At Tube Tech, we are poised to bring our customers an unsurpassed line of quality flow control products as per ASTM B 306 for the DWV industry. Tube Tech have brought together the best quality, smooth bore, hard drawn copper tubes in a variety of outer diameter and wall thickness combination to suit the desired application.

» Copper Tubes for Solar Applications

To meet the ever increasing demand of copper tubes for the emerging market of solar water heating systems Tube Tech produces seamless drawn copper tubes in half hard temper and a variety of outer diameter and wall thickness combinations. These tubes are supplied in straight length, cut to the specific sizes to avoid wastage.

Tube Tech offers its customers an ultra clean surface copper tube suitable for all solar thermal absorbers where good welding properties and quality is paramount and hence it is the recommended choice, especially when using ultrasonic or laser welding technology. Our products ensure reduced welding time and increased efficiency of your manufacturing process while saving time and money due to fewer cleaning processes.

» Copper Tubes for Electrical Applications

Copper has been used in the electrical industry for many years because it offers excellent electrical conductivity. Copper is also used as lightening arrester in the electrical transformers. It is very efficient leading to high current densities. These tubes are available in a wide range of outer diameter, wall thickness and temper conditions depending upon the requirement to suit the intended applications.

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