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Copper Pipe Bends

Copper Pipe Bends & Tube Bends offered by Tube Tech is produced using superior quality copper tubes having more than 99.90% copper purity and finds suitability in connecting pipelines in cooling and heating systems. Other than this, these tube bends & Pipe Bends also find suitability for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning system. These Tube Bends & Pipe Bends are produced as per the customer’s drawings and requirements. Well defined quality control procedures are put in place to ensure premium product quality first time – every time. Tube Bends & Pipe Bends are regularly checked on fixtures & gauges during the production process to control any deviations from required values.

Tube Bends & Pipe Bends are available in outer diameters 6 mm to 75 mm and can be bent on bending radius 1.5 D and above.

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